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Hi Frank!

We just received your package! Thank you so much for everything! We weren't expecting to have our ceremony included, and we love that idea!! It's a very nice keepsake to look back through the years.

Before the wedding, we were really worried when we heard our previous officiant was no longer able to perform our ceremony, but thinking back we see it as a blessing in disguise.

From the beginning you were always open to help us out and had our best interests. Even after the negotiations you were able to commit to what our previous officiant promised, and we appreciate it.

When we first met we were very impressed with how organized you were. We thought you were very professional and took your job seriously, which we liked because this was a serious moment in our lives. You helped us make decisions in our ceremony choices and you offered sound advice on every event, by sending samples and tips to help us.

The day of the wedding felt like a blink of an eye! The ceremony was written so beautifully! We loved how you kept it light and kept our guests entertained, by your charisma and charm. Thank you for guiding us where we needed to be during the ceremony and performing all the things we wanted, from the love letter box to the kids vows and letting us recite our own vows (great idea about emailing it to you before otherwise we may have forgot them, ha!).

It was a truly perfect beautiful day and we couldn't have been more pleased with your services. Thank you for being a part of our special day!


Natalie and Allan Rodolfo

Hi Frank:

We received our marriage license and booklet of our ceremony today! We just wanted to thank you again for such an incredible ceremony! It was so memorable and we loved it! The venue had asked us all about you and told us you are the best officiant they have ever had! We agreed it was perfect! Thanks sooo much Frank! Please stay In touch!

Love Kate and KC

Dear Frank:

Let us first begin by saying how grateful we both are that you were able to marry the both of us.  Your wit and humor definitely eased the tension.  You were very professional and dressed very nicely.  We really appreciated the personal touches of our “love story” you included in the ceremony, as well as the photo of us with you and the kind invitation extended to us to create a photo gallery on your website.  We would be honored if you were able to do that.  Additionally, thank you for the promptness in making sure we got our Marriage License in a timely manner.  And, once more, for all that you have done in making our day special!

Sincerely, Justin & Stacy Kruger 

Hi Frank:

I want to point out how great you were at the ceremony. I really appreciate you throwing in some jokes here and there to keep it alive and to keep us smiling. It was not too long and not too short, it was perfect! I also really like that you included your wording with what you sent us. Thank you so much again.

Khira Elliott

Dear Frank:

Mike and I just wanted to thank you so very much for a wonderful ceremony at our wedding. We got many complements on the great job that you did! You helped make our special day perfect, and we can not thank you enough.

Very Grateful,

Danielle & Mike Smith

This is Learline and Michael Robins. It's been about three years since you married us. We we're just thinking about you and what a wonderful day our wedding was because of you. We wanted to thank you for everything and we also wanted to remind you about our ten year anniversary because we want you to renew our vows if it's God's will. I recommend you to any and everyone who even says their thinking about getting married. We were trying to leave a testimonial but we couldn't figure it out. But if you want you can add our comments. We will never forget everything you did for us. Many thatnks for our special day and may God bless you for years to come.


Michael and Learline Robins

Frank A. Meola D.D., was the officiant at my only daughter's wedding on November 30, 2013. This is a shout out to thank him for doing such a wonderful job and making our special day a special day. Handsome Frank looked and sounded like a Hollywood actor. He added humor and was such a bonus to the ceremony! He helped with paperwork, he was in contact with us way before the ceremony and was such a BLESSING! If I loose my mind and decide to remarry I would use Frank!


Dear Mr. Frank:

We would lke to say "Thank you" for being there for us on the most important and special day of our life. Thank you so much for everything. You did a wonderful job. Without you we wouldn't be "Mr. & Mrs." today. Thank you so much!

Love Haley & Timothy

Frank, Thank you so much for being there to do our wedding ceremony. It was beyond beautiful and more than I expected. Everyone loved how the ceremony felt, so loving and like a friend had performed it. You went over and above, communicating with our DJ, telling us exactly the right way to do everything and making sure everything was perfectly timed. Me, being such a perfectionist, was so afraid something wasn't going to go right, but you made sure it was perfect. Our sand ceremony and rose ceremony ws beautiful and our daughter loved being a part of it. You are truly amazing and I would recommend you to any of my engaged friends. Thank you again!

- Nick and Amber Reinoso

Thank you so much for marrying me to the man of my life on Saturday. It was the most beautiful and amazing ceremony, and your toasting with us was the best. I couldn't have imagined just how wonderful it turned out. I am so grateful. Thank you very much Frank!

Mrs. Patricia Bendana

Dear Frank,

I apologize for not responding to your letter sooner, we've only recently visited the States and received our pile of mail. We celebrated our first year anniversary here in Australia and things are going well. We are enjoying life here, all the fishing, camping, and beutiful tropical weather. Unfortunately all good things come to an end and we'll be moving back to California in October this year. But at least we did it, and we're looking forward to being with family and friends again.

Thank you so much for officiating our ceremony, it was perfect. Although the tide and weather didn't cooperate fully, everyone still enjoyed the casual atmosphere. I thank you for making us feel comfortable as we were about to take our vows, and for the sense of humor, it meant a lot to us releasing any tension. The sand ceremony was wonderful and it will always hold a special place on display, not to mention the addition of a jar of Australean sand next to it. Thank you again and should anyone be looking for an officiant, I will have your card for them.

Erika and Marcor Forsythe

Hello, Frank.

Fernando and I want to give a big thank you for making our day the most memorable it could possibly be. Not only did we think you did a phenomenal job, but our friends and family said you were the best officiant they've ever seen at a wedding. My father raved about you and loved how you were able to incorporate humor when you performed our ceremony. The fact that you let us "borrow" your ring when we accidently misplaced Fernando's was quick thinking on your part!

In all honesty, we could not have had a better wedding and were blown away at the ceremony. We were so stressed trying to find the perfect officiant for our ceremony and we are so very glad we went with you. We absolutely loved the questionnaire and were surprised with how similar our answers were. We appreciate our keepsakes and for all you have done for us. If anyone is looking for an officiant for their wedding, you're definitely who we would recommend!

Thank you so very much for everything!

~ Erin and Fernando Bedolla

Dear Frank,

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for making our wedding possible on such short notice.  Although we have been together for over twelve years it was a spontaneous, impromptu decision from late the night before.

When I Googled “Officiant,” I loved the name Tie The Knot Ceremonies, I had to pick you first!  And what a great pick it was.  You were exuberant, funny, kind and serious all rolled together in one.  You made everything so easy and you were so at ease that it made us at feel ease as well.

We are now bound together for life as friends, lovers, partners, confidants, spouses, and an anchor, the life that flows through one another’s hearts.  Thank you so very much, Frank, for not only making our day, but more importantly making our life together a reality!

Warmest regards,

Ron and MK Jones


We want to thank you for being the officiant at our wedding on June 29, 2013.  Our family and friends loved the ceremony.  They said it was very memorable, they liked the humor, the seriousness and relaxed atmosphere.  I did not feel nervous until the last few minutes before I had to walk down the isle.  When I arrived to you and Chris, you gently touched my arm as if to say “It will be okay,” that is when I started to relax.  I listened to every word you said about how we met, how we felt about each other, what marriage is really about, and how we are becoming one, best friends, and partners.  That, when difficulties do arise, we have each other to weather the storms.  It was a hot but beautiful day.  We want to thank you, Frank, for making it so very memorable and special!


Emily & Chris

David and I want to thank you so much for officiating at our wedding.  Your caring and organized approach made it so memorable for us!   Many of our guests complimented the professional, yet friendly way you conducted our ceremony.  You really captured the spirit of our relationship with personalized vows and comments too.  Frank, you put us at ease and made us smile!   We were also delighted to receive a copy of our "script" and will treasure that memory.  Frank, you're the best and we will highly recommend you to others!


Thanks again,

Vicki and David Whittington 

Hi Frank:

We would like to express our appreciation for the wonderful job you did for our wedding. Thank you so much for all you did to make our wedding day so perfect! Please keep in touch.

Thank you,

Erik & Mila

Dear Frank,

Jeremy and I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for marrying us last year. Finding an officiant turned out to be a lot more difficult than we had expected! But as soon as we met with you, we knew we had met the one! You made us laugh immediately and for us, that sealed the deal. We appreciated having the chance to talk with you over the phone, meet with you and then communicate with you via phone/email throughout the process. Planning the ceremony and the entire "flow" of the wedding can be a bit overwhelming. However, your level of experience and professionalism helped us to feel very comfortable and to know we were in good hands. We also really appreciated how flexible you were throughout the planning process. We wanted to include particular things in our ceremony such as handfasting, reciting our own vows and a rose ceremony for all of our family members and you really helped us pull it all together. We received so many compliments on our ceremony and you played a big part in making it so beautiful.

 Once we had the rehearsal and you walked us through everything, we both felt very relieved about our wedding day. I remember you telling me not to worry about a thing, and by the end of the rehearsal, I really took your advice! Having you there by our side was just like having another member of the family there with us. We felt so comfortable and knew that everything was going to work out and go perfectly on our wedding day, and it really did.

We can't thank you enough for making our wedding day everything we hoped for and more! We would gladly recommend you to anyone looking for a wedding officiant. Thanks again and take care!


Crystal & Jeremy


Melissa and Mark asked that I contact you regarding their wedding on October 6th, 2012 that you officiated at. Other than how beautiful the bride was, many of the most favorable comments were regarding you. It was amazing how many friends commented on how wonderful it was that we had “a family friend” as our officiant, and that it must have been so great to have someone who obviously knew Melissa and Mark for many years. I enjoyed telling people that you were a friend of some length- maybe 45 minutes or so!

You did an amazing job, and for that we are so appreciative. Your wisdom, the ease at which you put everyone, your sharing of the joy that we all felt, and especially, your humor made for an unforgettable event.  Melissa seemed to know that you were the one she wanted from the first time she spoke with you, and you did not disappoint. Thank you again for everything,

-Ron Brocklehurst (proud father-of-the-bride)

Hi Frank,

Thank you so much for making our ceremony a beautiful, fun and stress free experience.  Several guests complimented how nice the ceremony was and everyone (including us) enjoyed your added touch of humor!  That, with the personal touches about how we met, our first date, etc. was great. We were delighted when we received the booklet you made for us outlining our entire ceremony word for word.  How truly special!

Thank you again,

Gregg & Jill Weston