The Confidential Marriage License is generally used by high profile couples, law enforcement, private detectives, doctors, lawyers, or by anyone who wants complete privacy.  The license contains personal information which the couple wants to keep private. When the license is recorded by the Riverside County Clerk-Recorder (ACR) is does NOT become a public record and the information and facts about the license and marriage are available only to the parties named on the license.  

I am a Southern California wedding officiant, who is authorized by the Riverside County Clerk to issue marriage licenses.  Although the license is issued by Riverside County, you can get married anywhere in the state of California and it is legally honored in all states.  I perform wedding ceremonies in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, North San Diego County and South Ventura County.  

I can offer you an instant Riverside County Marriage License (even in the evening or on holidays and weekends, when the county office is closed) with NO stressful dealings with the county clerks’ office, NO waiting in long lines, NO worrying about traffic or parking, NO having to take off work to get to the county office during regular business hours, NO witnesses, NO spam or telemarketers after your wedding and NO junk mail.  

If I also perform the ceremony, I will include one (1) County-issued Certified Copy, and a notarized Certificate verifying that the ceremony has been performed and the license has been filed with the Riverside County Clerk-Recorder (ACR) to be recorded.  

I look forward to being the great officiant who will make your special day an “Extra Special Day!”

authorization to issue marriage licenses